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We've recently added two new carriers, Hermes and Asendia, to our range of services from our depot.

For these services, carriers collect from our depot directly, and as they collect from us in large volume (and it no doubt makes things a little easier for them, too), we're able to pass lower rates on to our customers.

But did you know there are other benefits to booking one of these services?

Great for sending lots of smaller parcels

If you live or work in the London or Merseyside areas* and you're able to drop off at one of our depots, the advantage of booking a service from our depot is obvious: you get our very lowest prices.

However, depending on the size of your parcels, booking a collection service can also be very cost-effective. Our standard fee per collection is £6.95 for up to 30kg. However, you can book multiple orders for multiple parcels up to this weight limit, and only pay the collection fee once, putting them all in one box for collection.

Once they reach our depot, we'll sort them and send them all on their way to their respective destinations.

More customisability

Send multiple parcels to multiple worldwide destinations with multiple carriers—all in one go!

We currently have nine different services operating from our depot, each of them fulfilled by different carriers. You can book any of these services and drop them all off all in one go (or arrange to have your own carrier do this, if that suits you), or have them all collected at the same time, for a single collection fee. We'll group them automatically at checkout.

Transglobal Express services from depot

We also have a choice of collection services. We offer collection from DPD, TNT and UPS, depending on the size and weight of your shipment, and whether you're sending parcels or pallets. In some areas, we are also able to send our own drivers to collect.

If that isn't enough, you can also deposit your parcels at any UPS or DPD drop-off point, choosing from hundreds of locations nationwide. This is available for shipments weighing up to 20kg.

Easy to add more orders

If you've already booked a collection and want to add more orders to it later on, you can keep doing this up to the weight limit for your chosen carrier—and you still only have to pay the original collection fee.

Our services from depot give you more control over how you want to arrange your deliveries. To find out more, visit our information page for services from our depot, or enter your parcel weight and dimensions for an instant overview of available services.

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*Our Asendia, Landmark Global and USPS services can be dropped off at our London depot only.

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