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Korea, Republic of

Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to the Republic of Korea below:

General Information for the Republic of Korea

Customs regulations apply for territories outside of the EU. Please refer to our Customs Information.

  • TNT has informed us that South Korea postal codes will be changed from a 6-digit postal code format to a 5-digit postal code format from 8th August 2016. On and after that date, the old 6-digit postal code will not be accepted. All customers are required to provide 5-digit postal codes for all shipments from and to South Korea.

    To find the correct 5-digit postal code based on road name address or land-lot number address, please visit the Korea ePost site and search using the Postal Code Finder.

Carrier Information for the Republic of Korea

DHL shipping information for the Republic of Korea

UPS shipping information for the Republic of Korea

TNT shipping information for the Republic of Korea

TNT Express Services
  • No information currently available on shipping to the Republic of Korea with TNT

TG Express shipping information for the Republic of Korea

TG International shipping information for the Republic of Korea

TG Express Direct shipping information for the Republic of Korea

TG Express Direct Services
  • Due to the extraordinary level of consignee involvement required to clear all dutiable items into South Korea, clearance times may vary depending on the level of co-operation from the consignee.
  • Due to the need to translate many consignees' address details from English to Korean, the consignee's phone number is required.
  • Document consignments weighing 30kg and above are subject to local taxes, and may be nominated for a full formal clearance by Customs.
  • High Value consignments (currently approximately US$150 for both commercial and personal imports) are liable to a full formal clearance process. Fines will be imposed upon any shipper who has unintentionally under-declared a shipment valuation to avoid local clearance costs.
  • The following list of commodities are also liable for a full formal clearance process, regardless of value: medicine and medical supplies; medicinal herbs; agricultural, forestry and marine produce; health supplements; suspected counterfeit items; foodstuffs; cosmetics; and any item where the description is unclear, or under-valuation is suspected.
  • All cut timber products (excepting MDF and chipboard) contained within consignments must have been heat-treated and carry the correct proof of a heat treatment stamp. This also applies to wood products used for packing.
  • Due to Customs procedural changes in South Korea, any items that remain in Customs undeclared for longer than six months automatically become the property of the South Korean government, and storage charges may apply. To avoid this, material can be abandoned or destroyed within six months, although storage and destruction charges would still apply. Alternatively, our carrier can arrange return to the UK at the customer's expense. Additions to their standard import rates for South Korea would apply, and returned shipments may need to undergo Customs Clearance on arrival at LHR.
  • Electrical goods are only allowable into South Korea as a personal import (as opposed to a commercial import) and are restricted to a single item per consignment.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Transglobal Express kindly encourages customers to seek advice from the relevant government authorities for further clarification and the most up to date advice.

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