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Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to Pakistan below:

Coronavirus Outbreak

UPS reports that in Pakistan parcels can only be dropped off at or collected from UPS centres.

DHL operations will continue as normal.

General Information for Pakistan

Customs regulations apply for territories outside of the EU. Please refer to our Customs Information.

At the instruction of the Federal Interior Minister, mobile phones can no longer be sent to Pakistan. Shipments containing mobile phones may be subject to abandonment or returned at cost.

Carrier Information for Pakistan

DHL shipping information for Pakistan

UPS shipping information for Pakistan

TG Express shipping information for Pakistan

TG International shipping information for Pakistan

TG International Services

TG Express Direct shipping information for Pakistan

TG Express Direct Services
  • Pakistan deliveries are affected via Dubai.
  • Imports of mobile phones are prohibited for import to Pakistan. Any mobile phones discovered within a shipment will be confiscated by Customs with no option to return to the original shipper.
  • All items offensive to the Muslim culture or sensitive to the Middle East security situation are prohibited. These include pork products, religious publications/figures, imitation firearms/paraphernalia, and military uniforms.
  • Any items made or producted in India or Israel are prohibited for import to Pakistan.
  • Other prohibited goods include electrical or electronic items, gambling devices and paraphernalia, passports, pornographic material, counterfeit goods, jewellery, most used goods, and precious metals.
  • Artwork shipments (including original engravings, prints, lithographs, original sculptures, statuary) are restricted from Europe and can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract.
  • Imports of telecommunication equipment will require a No Objection Certificate from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Transglobal Express kindly encourages customers to seek advice from the relevant government authorities for further clarification and the most up to date advice.

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