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Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to Singapore below:

General Information for Singapore

Customs regulations apply for international destinations. Please refer to our Customs Information.

The de minimis limit for Singapore (i.e. the value of goods that can be imported duty free) is 400 SGD.

Carrier Information for Singapore

DHL Express shipping information for Singapore

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TG Express shipping information for Singapore

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TG Express Direct shipping information for Singapore

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  • A £25 restricted area surcharge applies for shipments to Sentosa and Jurong Islands. A consignee name and contact number are required for these deliveries.
  • A surcharge of £5.50 applies for deliveries that are redirected to a new address, and per redelivery attempt for deliveries that have failed twice.
  • Consignments with a value of S$400 and above will be subject to local GST (General Sales Tax) at a current rate of between 7-10%. Should this be levied, a minimum period of 24 hours should be allowed for customs clearance.
  • For clearance of any dutiable items, the receiver will need to have registered their UEN number with Customs. Otherwise, there will be a delay of around 3-5 days while an application is reviewed.
  • Videos, CDs and film may be examined by the MDA (Media Development Authority), previously called the COntroller of Undesirable Publications. This usually results in a 24-hour delay and comes with a clearance charge of S$65, billed to the receiver. If the receiver refuses, the account holder will be offered the opportunity to cover the charge. A screening fee may still apply to printed matter that has been abandoned.
  • For commodities requiring an Import Permit, a customs charge of S$65 applies.
  • It is common practice for exhibitions in Singapore to appoint an official exhibition forwarder, who is the only forwarder authorised to deliver to the exhibition site. Our carrier will deliver to the receiving point of the exhibition and the official forwarder will make final delivery. Additional charges from the official forwarder may apply.
  • Forbidden items for import to Singapore include chewing gum, imitation tobacco products, gun-shaped cigarette lighters, controlled drugs & psychotropic substances, endangered species of wildlife and their by-products, firecrackers, obscene media of any description, unauthorised reproductions of any copyright material, and any seditious or treasonable material. Visit for more information.
  • For any shipments that fall under the MES (Major Exporter Scheme) or for which the consignee has a nominated forwarder to declare their permits, there will be a transfer handling fee of S$15 per consignment.
  • For dutiable items uncleared and abandoned in Customs, there is a variable minimum disposal fee of £25, depending on commodity and disposal method. Customs storage charges of up to S$0.30 per kg per day, with a S$20 daily minimum, will apply for items uncleared for longer than 5 days.
  • See our TG Express Direct service information for a full overview.

TG International shipping information for Singapore

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Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of customs restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Please consult the relevant customs authorities for further clarification and the most up-to-date advice.

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