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Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to Thailand below:

General Information for Thailand

Customs regulations apply for international destinations. Please refer to our Customs Information.

The de minimis limit for Thailand (i.e. the value of goods that can be imported duty free) is 1,000 THB.

When sending whiskey, you will need a certificate of origin and the volume must not exceed 5 litres.

Carrier Information for Thailand

DHL shipping information for Thailand

UPS shipping information for Thailand

TG Express shipping information for Thailand

TG Express Direct shipping information for Thailand

TG Express Direct Services
  • Document consignments weighing 3kg and above are subject to local taxes at a rate of approximately 140 Thai Baht per kilogram.
  • Due to the high levels of consignee involvement required to clear dutiable items into Thailand, clearance times may vary depending on the level of cooperation from consignees. For this reason, a consignee contact name and phone number are required.
  • Due to Customs procedural changes in Thailand, our carrier no longer has the option to dispose of uncleared material. Returned or abandoned dutiable shipments will still be liable for duty charges at the assessed rate.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Transglobal Express kindly encourages customers to seek advice from the relevant government authorities for further clarification and the most up to date advice.

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