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Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to Turkey below:

General Information for Turkey

Customs regulations apply for international destinations. Please refer to our Customs Information.

  • Please note that due to continuing customs problems, we no longer accept personal effects to Turkey by courier or by freight.
  • Turkish Customs will impose a fixed charge of EUR 250 for all shipments that are returned due to failed clearance. We strongly recommend customers consult the relevant government authorities prior to shipping for advice on import restrictions.

Changes to Clearance Procedures

As per new customs regulations, it is mandatory to declare the information below for all formal entries (dutiable shipments above 75.00 EUR) from 1 June 2016:

  • 4 Digit HS Code (harmonized system code)
  • If the consignee is a registered company, their tax number
  • If the consignee is a private individual, their Turkish ID number

The tax/ID number can be written in Tax ID field when filling out your recipient's address. The HS code can be put in your Content Summary at the Packaging Details stage.

Carrier Information for Turkey

DHL shipping information for Turkey

FedEx shipping information for Turkey

TNT shipping information for Turkey

TNT Services
  • Mobile phones cannot be sent to Turkey with TNT.

UPS shipping information for Turkey

TG Express shipping information for Turkey

TG International shipping information for Turkey

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list of restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Transglobal Express kindly encourages customers to seek advice from the relevant government authorities for further clarification and the most up to date advice.


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