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Please find updates and service restrictions concerning shipping to Spain below:

General Information for Spain

All shipments between the UK and the EU require customs clearance. Please refer to our Customs Information.

Shipments to Spain valued over €150 require you to submit the receiver's 9-digit DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) number, which you can enter into the receiver's VAT or EORI number field when filling out your details. A NIE number can be provided for foreign residents.

This is not required for business-to-business (B2B) shipments, for which the EORI and VAT numbers of the importer are required instead.

Download guide (PDF)

The import of health and beauty (cosmetic) products to Spain is prohibited on our services.

Iron and Steel Imports to the EU

Products of iron and steel may only be imported into the European Union (EU) if these goods do not contain Russian basic products.

This applies to the following commodity codes:

  • Chapter 72: Heading 7206 to 7229
  • Chapter 73: Heading 7301 to 7326

Providing proof that the goods do not contain Russian-origin material is the responsibility of the importer (consignee), if requested by local customs authorities. For this reason, you should provide valid and local contact details for the consignee so that they can receive SMS and email notifications.

Carrier Information for Spain

DHL Express shipping information for Spain

DHL Express Services

FedEx shipping information for Spain

FedEx Services

Landmark Global shipping information for Spain

Landmark Global Services

TG Euro Parcel shipping information for Spain

TG Euro Parcel Services
  • Please refer to DPD's general list of prohibited goods and prohibited list by country (PDF).
  • This service cannot be used to ship personal effects, liquids, jewellery or watches, or used for returns or repairs.
  • Products of iron and steel must not contain Russian basic products (see above). Please include this declaration (.docx file) with your shipment. Consignees must be able to provide proof upon request.
  • This service cannot be used to deliver to Amazon warehouses.
  • Items should be packaged in cardboard boxes, not only in jiffy bags, bubblewrap, etc. Pallets, wooden crates/boxes and suitcases are not accepted.
  • See our TG Euro Parcel service information for a full overview.

TG Express shipping information for Spain

TG Express Services

TG International shipping information for Spain

TG International Services

TNT shipping information for Spain

TNT Express Services
  • Televisions, bikes and passports are prohibited for this service.
  • TNT does not collect from, or deliver to, exhibitions.
  • Please refer to TNT's general advice on export controls.

UPS shipping information for Spain

UPS Services

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of customs restrictions and is provided for guidance only. Please consult the relevant customs authorities for further clarification and the most up-to-date advice.

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